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Soap Deck Red Cedar Soap Deck

  • Western red cedar is a sustainable wood grown in abundance.

  • The slim-line soap decks are made by a man and his family in the United States. He makes them from wood scraps he gets by the pallet from a mill in his town. Made in the USA & recycled!

  • Western red cedar is also highly rot & decay resistant, making it the perfect wood for soap dishes. And best of all, western red cedar varies significantly in color from white, to creamy caramel, to cherry red and dark chocolaty brown. No two soap dishes are alike as each one is uniquely colorful.

  • The soap decks can make your soaps last longer. But did you know you can make you soap deck last longer too? He does recommend having 2 and to switch them out every couple weeks so they can dry fully & extend their life.

Our Price: $6.00