Little Bull Falls Soap Works
Luxury bath & body products

Little Bull Falls Soap Works specializes in bringing you hand-poured goatmeal soap in its purest form.

We use the cold-process method of soapmaking so that the nourishing ingredients come thru in our final product.

All our soaps are handcrafted in small quality-controlled batches using high-quality food-grade ingredients & are fully cured for 6 weeks.

· I began creating soap over 15 years ago as a way to help myself & family who needed gentle, chemical-free, skin-nourishing products.

· Why not treat your skin to a more natural, moisturizing cleansing & your soul to a boutique pampering?

Why Choose Us?

· Cruelty-free – our testing is done on friends & family, not some poor lab bunny

· Environmentally friendly – in our ingredients & packaging, using minimal packing that are recyclable/compostable

· Natural products used – organic as is available & responsibly sourced ingredients

· We only use food-quality oils and butters

· 15+ years experience creating bath & body products

· Fully insured

· Member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild – giving us the know-how and tools to make the best product we can
2018-2020 Treasurer of the Great Lakes region

· You are supporting small business & a dream

· Made in small, quality-controlled batches to ensure a great product

· Made with love – We love our customers and want you to experience peace & happiness

What Is In Our Soaps?
Our recipes are the result of in-depth testing, as well as much research into our suppliers and the products they offer.

The whole reason I began making soap was due to my daughter being born with eczema scale and being highly sensitive, allergies, and chronic dry skin in the family.

The first ingredient we use for our soaps is food grade virgin organic olive oil. Many soapmakers use pomace olive oil, but we chose not to because of the petro chemicals/detergents that are often times used to do that final pressing of the olives. This makes our soaps olive oil heavy. We do this because olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and Beta Carotene, is highly antioxidant (it stimulates new cell generation, slows the progression of wrinkles, and gives skin a youthful look).

Without adding other oils, we are left with a castile soap (which we do offer) but it doesn’t have the same frothy bubbles, so we use a couple other oils to aid in this area. In addition to the organic virgin olive oil, we also use organic coconut oil. The lather is a good thing because it helps draw dirt and oil away from your skin, and it also makes the bars of soap nice and hard.

Additionally, we do use palm oil to aid in a long-lasting hard bar of soap. Our palm oil is food grade, sustainably sourced with membership in the RSPO.

We also use colloidal oatmeal which we grind ourselves, as well as goat milk that was sourced in the Midwest, is cruelty free, and pasteurized.

For colorants, we use cosmetic safe micas, mineral pigments, and titanium dioxide. Some of our soaps and other products do not have any colorants, but soap being considered a wash off product we do use more color. The micas we get are flagged as ethically sourced, cruelty free & always vegan.

We also use fragrances in our soap. If you want an unscented, we do that too because some people can’t handle scents. We use high quality perfume fragrance oils that are cosmetic safe and phthalate free, as well as natural fragrance oils, and 100% pure high-grade essential oils made from quality materials from ethical producers around the world. We have access to nearly any fragrance or essential oil you would like. We scent things the way we do after testing, and following what the consumer wants. With essential oils, the scent doesn’t last as long, and you are so limited. We use all three and some of our scents are even blends of both. We do use a unique scent-anchoring trick which has proven to make the scents stay with time (my test bars are over 10 years old).